Google Ads and Facebook Ads: Still Working for SMBs

May 17, 2016 Posted by Advertising, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, PPC 0 thoughts on “Google Ads and Facebook Ads: Still Working for SMBs”

Two thoughts on this StreetFight post I read this morning:

In Google/Facebook Duel, SMBs Are the Real Winners

1) I agree.

As someone who used to work in the media,

I am inclined to worry when I read stories that document Google and Facebook’s domination of the digital ad market. It’s bad news for journalism, or at least journalism funded by traditional means (advertising).

However, for Squarely Digital and its small- and medium-sized business clients, these digital ad platforms are effective. Targeting ads based on a user’s clear intent (expressed in the Google search box) works. Targeting ads based on Facebook’s data works, too. I’ve seen it.

They are competitively priced. And, as Len Short’s StreetFight story says, the competition between Google and Facebook for SMB ad dollars “will be good news for advertisers.”

2) Short claims that the change Google Ads (formerly AdWords) made at the end of February — getting rid of right-side ads other than Google Shopping listings on desktop — has driven cost-per-click up.

What I am reading (here and here, for instance) and seeing with my clients’ Google Ads accounts differs. CPC is flat or down.

It’s worth remembering, too, that a change to desktop search ads results is not *that* big of a deal — mobile searches are becoming more and more common.

mobile vs desktop search

Can things change when it comes to effectiveness and competitive pricing of Google and Facebook’s PPC offerings? Sure. The digital marketing landscape changes all the time (which makes it fun, I’d say).

But for now, SMBs definitely should not give up on these tools.

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