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We're an agency that helps clients plan an editorial strategy and create high-quality content to help them connect with potential customers. With Squarely Digital, you'll get:
●  Journalistic-style content. We'll make sure your website, blog or email campaigns engage readers and, as a side benefit, help your SEO.
The help you need. We can provide editing, reporting, writing or a combination of the three ─ whatever you need to keep your editorial calendar full. 
High standards. Content will be written and edited to meet standards of a major metropolitan news organization (that's our background).
● Editorial judgment. Content decisions should be made by balancing editorial standards with analytics data. Just because a piece could get a lot of clicks doesn't mean it's right for your business. 

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Squarely Digital offers concierge-level service for B2B and B2C businesses and nonprofits that are serious about investing in their online efforts. Read more about our agency's approach here. 

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