Squarely Digital Is a Google Partner

The headline speaks for itself -- as of last week, Squarely Digital is a Google Partner, meaning, as Google says, we "have passed Google AdWords product certification exams" and "have learned advanced concepts for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing Google AdWords advertising products."

One thing I tell prospective clients is that I work hard to stay on top of the (seemingly constant) changes in digital marketing platforms and tactics. So it's nice to have official confirmation that my company is up to date on Google's popular and effective pay-per-click platform.

I've been running AdWords campaigns for five years, since the day friend and collaborator Will Marshall recruited me to help with one of his clients (Will: "And you'll run their AdWords campaigns." Me: "I've never used AdWords." Will: "You'll learn.").

I've known for a while that if I took the Adwords certification exams and continued to get results for clients on AdWords, I'd be eligible for Partner status. In May, I finally took the final steps and made it happen. 

The next step: Adding Google Analytics certifications through Google's Academy for Ads. Like AdWords, I've been using Analytics for a long time now, and it's about time I added the certification. I'll keep you posted here.

- Jon