Creating content worth reading -- often

Squarely Digital's goal is to help other sites do better on the web. And a big part of "doing better" is creating quality content.

Creating new blog posts is not that hard.

It's encouraging that Google is telling web publishers that quality content is a huge factor in influencing its search rankings. Here's a quote right out of their Search Engine Optimization Starter guide (pdf).

Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here.

Knowing that is great. Then you have to act on it -- and acting on it takes time, a resource most of us feel is in short supply. 

It's easier than you think to run a blog or social media feed and post a few times a week, though -- I swear. But don't believe me, read what Chris Brogan and Andrew Shotland have to say on this. Both pieces are spot-on:

Brogan: What Does It Take to Make Content All the Time?

Key excerpt: "Ideas are all around you. You need only scratch a tiny bit to find them. But you also have to have your 'and this relates to the people I share things with like this' hat on."

Shotland: How to Create content When You'd Rather Be Doing Something Else

Key excerpt: "At some point in your business career, you probably fancied yourself an artist in your own way. You found a way to create something that someone else wanted. Creating content for SEO and for potential customers on your website is no different."

So get started. One easy way: write a post reacting to this post, even if you think the author (and Brogan and Shotland) are full of it. 

- Jon