Are You a Steelers Fan?
Then You Need Steelers Clicks

What is Steelers Clicks?

Good question.

Steelers Clicks is a new, twice-weekly email newsletter for discriminating Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

It exists because there’s a ton of Pittsburgh Steelers coverage available online for fans -- but it's pretty hard to find the good stuff.

So that’s what Steelers Clicks offers. I scour the internet for the best coverage and share it with you. (That’s what I was doing already, without sharing much of it.)

I’ll skip the “commodity” team coverage — game stories, Mike Tomlin news conference recaps, postgame report cards and the like. I’ll rely on the news judgment I honed in a long sports journalism career to pick out stories you might have missed, but shouldn’t have. And I’ll probably add a little opinion about the team and the way it’s covered.

And who am I? I worked as a sports editor at the Washington Post for nearly 20 years, but now I run Squarely Digital

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Jon DeNunzio