Jon DeNunzio, Squarely Digital founder and president

Jon DeNunzio, Squarely Digital founder and president

About Squarely Digital

Squarely Digital employs a comprehensive approach to digital marketing to help your business or organization get better results online.

Our work has three important elements:

  • Helping you find more and more relevant — web traffic

  • Turning that traffic into meaningful business results, such as subscriptions, leads and sales

  • Measuring the return you're getting on your digital marketing investment, so you understand exactly where your leads and sales are coming from and why

Our comprehensive digital marketing approach includes:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, with a specialty in Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

  • Writing and editing site content (usually on a blog)

  • Email campaigns powered by marketing automation

  • Social media campaigns

  • Regular reporting and analysis of site visitor behavior and the results it produces

The company is run by Jon DeNunzio, who brings nearly 20 years of experience from the newsroom of the Washington Post -- working on both its print edition and website. 

Why "squarely?" Because we're squarely focused on you, the client. We're squarely focused on tenets of journalism that transcend that craft: telling a compelling story, paying attention to detail, writing and designing in a clear and concise manner and delivering on deadline. And, despite our affinity for sleek, modern digital tools, we're just "square" enough not to go in for every new web trend.

Jon grew up in Midlothian, Va. (the last among several stops, to be precise), attended the University of Virginia and has lived in Northern Virginia since 1992. He currently resides in Alexandria with his wife, Pam, and daughters Julia Jane and Ellie.


Partner: Synthesis Multimedia Productions: Synthesis blends elements of web design, social media, video and other platforms to help companies, media outlets, universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies.