SMB Content Marketing Workshop

A Collaborative Writing Seminar
For Content Marketers — Held Virtually

Join our five-week workshop and start creating the blog posts, case studies, e-books and videos that will fill your marketing funnel. Now is the perfect time to get going!

The crisis we’re going through will end eventually. The time to prepare is right now. That’s why we’re launching our SMB Content Marketing Workshop, a collaborative writing seminar for digital marketers.

Led by a proven editor, instructor and digital marketer, this workshop will help you start creating quality content today, making marketing easier and more effective when business conditions improve.

The next workshop starts on Wednesday, Dec. 9, with sessions held online from noon to 1:30 p.m. ET each week (other than the week of Dec. 28). 

What You’ll Get:

Actionable, personalized recommendations from an expert.

Constructive feedback and support from fellow participants.

Motivation to set and meet your content marketing goals.

An adaptable content marketing blueprint to use in the future.

Who is the SMB Content Marketing Workshop For?

The workshop is designed for participants from SMBs who:

Plan and/or create digital marketing content.

Are ready to produce content now that will drive business later.

See value in sharing ideas and feedback with peers.

Next workshop starts Dec. 9 — don’t miss out!

Will This Workshop Help Your Business?

Since 2013, Squarely Digital has been getting results for its clients. For some details, check out our testimonials page, or read our content marketing case study.

But consider this, as well: Where else will you find a content marketing workshop run by:

A 25-year veteran of the journalism industry

A former Washington Post staffer who edited Page A1 stories

A former instructor in Georgetown University’s graduate journalism program




This one-time fee gets you four weekly sessions — held from noon to 1:30 p.m. ET on Nov. 11 and 18 and Dec. 2 and 9 — plus a course-ending 1-on-1 review call.


What Past Workshop Participants Say

Jon’s expertise made this workshop invaluable. Walking through the customer journey and sharing my work with other professionals helped me improve my writing and land clients. The time and money I invested have garnered many returns.


The workshop was awesome! Jon gives super feedback, and his entire workshop was very valuable. He has a great style and is easy to work with — his feedback is easy to take and never feels judgmental.


Startup to Growth

Jon’s authenticity shines as he helps content creators discover their own voices to use in their content. He’s genuine in his feedback, and wants to help business owners reach their targeted audiences!


Picture This Video LLC

Excellent! Squarely Digital’s workshop helped me to significantly improve my understanding of my customers’ decision-making process and how to write for each stage of that process. 



Challenging, Engaging, and Interactive. Zoom calls and homework, accompanied by constructive feedback from the other participants and Jon, helped me focus my efforts. My writing style tightened and I created a stronger action plan. Be prepared to do the work and accept the critiques. You will come out better equipped to present your business in person and online.


YellowBird Ghostwriter LLC

How Does the SMB Content Marketing Workshop Work?


The 4 weekly virtual sessions will include:

  • Updates from each participant
  • Instructor’s tip of the week
  • Group feedback of select content
  • Accountability review & goal-setting


Workshop instructor Jon DeNunzio will:

  • Lead sessions via videoconference
  • Keep sessions efficient
  • Provide relevant SEO data
  • Consult on topic choice and execution

1-on-1 Post-Mortem

To wrap up the workshop, instructor will:

  • Hold 30-minute 1-on-1 calls
  • Review participants’ work
  • Analyze strengths & weaknesses
  • Help craft a content plan

Group sessions will be held online from noon to 1:30 p.m. ET on Dec. 9, 16 and 23 and Jan. 6.

Get On the Road to Business Recovery

No one was completely prepared for the hit businesses have taken in 2020.

But you can be prepared for the rebound.

That’s what the SMB Content Marketing Workshop will help you do. You’ll craft a strategic marketing plan and work on it now — with purpose.

That work, guided by an expert and a group of peers, will help your business get ahead of competitors. You’ll be set up to grow your business as soon as business is ready to grow.

Workshops are forming now. Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to put you in an upcoming set of sessions.

Workshop Starts Dec. 9: Register Now!

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