Content Marketing Tune-Up Session

Content Marketing Tune-Up Sessions

A Free, 1-on-1 Consultation Focused on Your Content.

Will this blog post help me land more business?

Will our ideal customers really watch this video?

Is this case study any good?

If these are the kinds of questions you ask as you create marketing content for your business, Squarely Digital’s free Content Marketing Tune-Up is for you.

Our Tune-Ups are 30-minute free consultations on one piece of marketing content — a blog post, case study, video, infographic, etc. It can be a piece you have already published, or one you plan to publish soon.

You’ll meet with Jon DeNunzio over Zoom, and he’ll give you feedback on the piece, offering his perspective as a digital marketing pro and ex-journalist.

You’ll leave the session with content that is more likely to bring in leads and drive sales, and a better understanding of how content marketing works.

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