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Quality Content vs. ‘Good Enough’

August 7, 2020 Posted by Content Marketing, Creating Content, Writing 0 thoughts on “Quality Content vs. ‘Good Enough’”

Is quality content worth the extra effort or expense? I’m a firm believer that it is, but in a digital world where it’s often said that “good enough” is all you need, mine is hardly an uncontested view.


New Resource: How to Create High-Quality Content

July 26, 2020 Posted by Content Marketing, Creating Content, Squarely Digital News, Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “New Resource: How to Create High-Quality Content”

When I was in journalism, I loved hearing a good story idea. And seeing that idea become a well-reported, elegantly written piece , well, that was the best.


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How Important Is Your Homepage Carousel?

October 12, 2018 Posted by Analytics, Content Marketing, Site Design 0 thoughts on “How Important Is Your Homepage Carousel?”

I was looking for ways to drive a little more traffic to a new page we recently created for a client.

My first thought was, “Maybe we ought to make this the new lead item in the homepage carousel.”


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What’s So Funny About Content Marketing?

November 15, 2016 Posted by Content Marketing, Creating Content 0 thoughts on “What’s So Funny About Content Marketing?”

Sometimes a client or prospect asks me to define “content marketing” and explain how it could help his or her business.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a great example to use the next time this topic comes up.


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Proof: Blogging for Business Works

December 18, 2013 Posted by Blogging for Business, Content Marketing 0 thoughts on “Proof: Blogging for Business Works”

A quick one here — I’m pleased to share this graph, which was included on a client report this week. It tracks six months of visitors and page views to the blog we launched for the client in May.

The best part: I think this just scratches the surface for this business.

If you’re interested in how Squarely Digital approaches blogging for business and the specific tactics that have worked for this client, drop me a line or leave a question in the comments.