Editing Your Website: Kill the 'Jargonaut'

Words matter. 

That's a guiding principle for me -- and for this business. A website can be beautifully designed, SEO-friendly and quick as Usain Bolt, but if the actual words on the page are sloppy, unprofessional or indecipherable, you're losing readers (and business).

So former colleague Gene Weingarten's latest humor column resonated for me. Specifically, Finding No. 1 in his exploration of the "new laws" of writing:  

The Voyages of the Jargonauts. Before the Internet, obfuscatory language was mostly limited to the small world of the interoffice memo, where everyone conspired to be as vague and process-driven as possible — promising nothing concrete while sounding businesslike. Today, however, terms such as “optimize,” “prioritize,” “initiative,” “parameter,” “implement” and “effectuate” have become common parlance on the Web, used unabashedly in endlessly intriguing combinations.

My advice to you: Don't be that guy. And I'm going to practice what I preach now by publishing this post and reviewing my site for vague language that doesn't really tell  readers anything. I'll replace any I find with specific language and concrete examples -- or I'll just delete the sentence.

I suggest you prioritize the implementation of a similar initiative.

- Jon